The OnlineÜberweisen plugin for your Shopware shop

Install the plugin

Installing the plugin for your Shopware shop is quick and easy!

  1. Just click on this link and put the plugin "into the shopping cart". The plugin is completely free of charge.
  2. Finish the purchase process. Log in with your Shopware ID and password if you are not logged in yet.
  3. Install the plugin by following the instructions below


In order to establish a connection, you must now register via this link.

You will then receive your access data by e-mail to log in to your backend.  

Connection establishment

After the plugin has been successfully installed, 2 further steps are required:

  • Connect your Shopware shop to your backend
  • Generate API access data and enter it in your shop

 Get API accesses

  1. Log in to your admin area.
  2. Click on "Settings > API Key" in the menu bar.

    API-Key generieren

  3. Click on "New API-Key".

    Neuer API-Key

  4. Under Description, enter your shop name and select "Productive mode". IPv4 Whitelist is optional and does not need to be stored.

    API-Key anlegen

  5. Open "Settings > Plugin Manager" in your Shopware backend. Then select "Installed" from the menu bar on the left and click on the pencil icon to edit the plugin. Apply the settings from the screenshot for the drop-down fields.

    Shopware Einstellungen

  6. Then copy your newly generated API key from your admin at "Settings > API-Key" and paste it into the text field "API Key Live Mode". 
  7. Now create a Shared Secret Key (3) (Webhook-Shared-Secret) in the Admin at "Settings > Configure" (1) via the button "Create Random Password" (2) and copy and paste it into the corresponding text field. Finally click on "Save" to save your settings.