FinTecSystems is a technical service provider (API provider) for banks and Fintechs. We focus on online banking based account information and payment services (credit check, digital bank/self information, online bank transfer). For example, our products accelerate loan commitments, we minimize payment default risks and we categorize sales data for our customers in real time so that it becomes meaningful.


This service description lists the core services offered in the various solution variants. Due to continuous further development and, where applicable, functions regulated by individual contracts, this service description does not claim for completeness.


However, the current version of the general technical documentation can be downloaded from the website .


FinTecSystems solutions currently cover banks in Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Switzerland. In addition to classic access paths via standard bank interfaces, e.g. via HBCI/FinTS, banks are also connected via self-developed web interface queries, which enable automated account access to the bank's Internet portal and thus ensure the greatest possible flexibility and bank coverage.


The FinTecSystems API provides a function to check the availability of a bank in the FinTecSystems system in real time. The development of new interfaces is an ongoing process, so that a list serves only as a snapshot and orientation.