Direct JavaScript Integration

Regardless of which of our products is used, an interaction by the end customer is usually necessary with the help of input masks (wizard) connected in series. This interaction can be seamlessly integrated into the provider's business process and system landscape in various ways.


Direct JavaScript Integration

Here the integration of our wizard directly into the provider's website takes place using a JavaScript library and CSS for style adjustments.


In this case, the end customer is guided through the wizard of our system. If necessary, the end customer is shown the following features:


- Country selection


- bank selection


The next step is the obligatory bank-specific display of the individual login form. Here, the end costumer can optionally in addition to the login fields be displayed the following:


- the display and confirmation of terms of use or data protection notices


- and, if necessary, an account selection and a TAN entry.


The look and feel of the wizard can be adapted via CSS so that it can be integrated into the website in the best possible way.


In addition, the scope of the fields within the wizard can be extended to allow individual additional information to be queried. Different elements are available to each provider for this purpose.


Further details can be found in the interface documentation.