Customer portal



A graphical overview page (home page) gives the user an initial overview of certain key figures and developments relating to the products used. From there, it is possible to link to further detailed data.

Employee and legal administration


This function can be used to create and manage personalized accesses for employees who also require access to the portal. The corresponding login information is automatically sent to the employee by e-mail after successful creation of a new account.


In addition to the basic data (name and e-mail address), each employee can be granted individual authorizations (e.g. for administrators). Authorizations control access to application functions. Administrators always have all authorizations.  


Transaction overview and transaction details

A separate transaction overview is available for each released product. This can be restricted using filter criteria and serves as a starting point for calling up further, specific transaction details.


Event overview

Here is an overview of the generated events available. This can be restricted using filter criteria and serves as a starting point to call up further, specific details for the respective event and any dependent webhooks.



An overview of the provider-specific blacklist is available via the portal. This can be restricted using filter criteria and serves as a starting point for creating and managing the individual blacklist entries. At the center of this list is the respective IBAN. If an IBAN is part of your own so-called blacklist, then no transactions can be triggered by this IBAN via our system.



In addition, a number of other configurations can be made that affect the use of our interface:


API Keys

Function for configuring the API keys for the test and production environment, including the specification of IP addresses and IP ranges, which are checked each time the respective API key is used.



Function for configuring the webhooks for the test and production environment including the optional option for signature. Webhooks are URLs that are automatically called when an event occurs.


Mail notifications

Function for configuring the mail notifications for the test and production environment. These are sent when a new transaction is created.


Test call

This function can be used to create test calls for each released product. The user is supported in entering the necessary data using a test form specific to the test. This function can be used, for example, to simulate system behavior without having to integrate the user into a test infrastructure.